The importance of using hashtags in modern society

Today, hashtags have become quite common place in the lives of Internet users. They even managed to infiltrate from the World Wide Web into real life – they can be found in the names of songs, dialogues, films. This text will consider their usefulness in terms of search engine promotion.

The original role of these characters is to highlight a specific word or phrase. So, for example, having written a hashtag on the social network with the word ”sea”, we can see a lot of photos of different users taking photos of the sea.

The most popular network nowadays in which people use hashtags is Instagram. First of all, we need to understand that kind of service. Instagram is a social network that allows you to share photos with subscribers, like photos you like and leave comments under them. A natural question arises – “How does this service help in search engine promotion?”

Hashtags value for SEO

The value of hashtags for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals who are engaged in the promotion of social content is extremely big: tags are an indispensable tool that you just need to use to achieve any results. It is they who allow real-time monitoring of trends in the world and promptly react to them using the tools of various social networks. However, we should not forget that the life cycle of the hashtag is extremely short. That is why a competent specialist should be able to quickly adapt to the dynamics of changing trends in order to correctly use this toolkit. The keywords marked with a “hash sign” turn into clickable hyperlinks after publication. Clicking on the link, the user receives a list of posts marked with the corresponding hashtag.

How to use them?

As noted above, most content marketers understand the power of tags. In other words, they know why to use this functionality of social networks. Hashtags increase audience reach, increase brand awareness, help attract customers to an event or trend.

Choosing the right keywords is half the success when using hashtags. When choosing tags, put yourself in the place of your target audience. Think about what keywords your potential customers use to find. Your publication should match the users’ expectations.
To verify a keyword, use the hashtag search function, which is supported by popular social networks. So, you can find out whether your tag already exists, and would it be popular with users or not. Also, using the hashtag search function, you can find out which ones are currently most popular with users all over the world.

What makes hashtags an effective SMM (Social Media Marketing) tool?

Hashtags can increase the visibility of your content and expand your business audience. Also, tags can annoy users of social networks and force them to unsubscribe from the brand page. First of all, the effectiveness of using tags depends on the ability of the marketer to choose the right keywords. The specialist must find a middle ground between the popularity and the specificity of hashtags.

Let’s take now the example of GoTavastia and DigiTrail tourist Projects. Here we got a nice and beautiful picture which was taken on Räyskälä Airfield and we want to promote that place to visitors.

The hashtags that we should definitely use are ”digitrail” and ”gotavastia” as these are our target projects to promote. Then, we should add hashtags related to the place depicted on the photo such as ”räyskäläairfield” and ”räyskälänlentokenttä”, ”loppi”. Moreover, that’s super relevant to include ”lakelandfinland”, ”visitfinland” and some creative tag like ”flywithme”.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the use of tags depends on the skill of the expert to dispense keywords. Using several tags in the publication, you solve marketing problems and do not risk getting a “spam” mark. And using creative hashtags, you can start a new trend and draw additional attention to your brand.

Ekaterina Iarygina

Ekaterina is the third-year International Business student from HAMK. Currently she is doing her internship as a social media marketer for DigiTrail and Go Tavastia projects.


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